EBC*L Women Entrepreneur Awards

The Westin Paris Vendôme - Paris 3rd November 2016


Celebrating Remarkable Iranian Entrepreneur Women. Talented and ambitious Iranian women have proved competent in various social, economic, and political areas. They have made inroads in the business field and many are entrepreneurs today, providing employment to men, further enjoining their equal halves to be involved in the national development process.

Women Entrepreneur 

Entrepreneurship is an important and unlimited ability of human being. Entrepreneurs play a significant role in the economic growth by being dynamic and innovative, identifying opportunities and putting useful ideas into practice. Women entrepreneurs are positive role models for other womens and play an important role >

EBC*L Prize

EBC*L considers several indicators for presenting the prizes to different companies including entrepreneurship, innovation, branding, development of domestic industries, the development of crafts, customer satisfaction, compliance with environmental and human values and social responsibility. >


EBC*L Women Entrepreneur Awards will be held for the first time in Paris. EBC*L Executive Team takes the Awards ceremony. Dr. Azim Fazlipour, CEO EBC*L Iran and Mag. Victor Mihalic, CEO EBC*L International  will announce the winners at the Awards ceremony on 3rd November 2016. >






European Prize for Iranian Entrepreneur Women


This November, Iranians Women’s Entrepreneurs who have achieved success or shown extraordinary leadership, passion and commitment, are recognised through the Excellence EBC*L Women Entrepreneur Awards, at the prestigious Gala Dinner in Paris.  

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Save the Date for our Awards Ceremony! Celebrate the achievements of Iranians Entrepreneur Women’s on Thursday November 3, 2016.


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The Westin Paris Vendôme is centrally located in Paris' first district, making it effortless for guests to enjoy shopping and a business visit...

Doing Business in Iran

Iran’s diversified economy is attracting companies across industries. In particular, consumer-oriented sectors are counting on Iran’s large (nearly 80 million), young (more than 60% under 30 years old), and urbanized (more than 70%) population to be loyal customers in the future in a well-diversified economy that is the 18th largest in the world.

Business Network

Creating a network of those involved with an interest in Trade and Commerce with 100 Entrepreneurs’ Women from Iran in Paris offer a unique opportunity during the EBC*L Women Entrepreneur Awards.
Our purpose is to help attendees do better business and sharing of useful information, develop business connections and capabilities and explore the business opportunities.

Paris Info

With its incomparable heritage and profusion of sites and monuments, Paris is a dream destination for visitors in search of historic splendour. Thanks to its unique blend of iconic sights, innovative architecture and unusual places, the French capital promises a  journey like no other through....

Meet the Nominees

Women Entrepreneurs Association of Europe Prize will be Awarded for the first time Iranian Women Entrepreneurs

EBC*L Women Entrepreneur Awards

Paris 2016



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